IDCategoryTask TypePrioritySeveritySummaryStatusProgress
11portsBug ReportVery HighCriticalSetup lxcRequires testing
Task Description

Setup lxc and create image.

Fix current bugs and then proceed to start updating ports.

12hostBug ReportHighCriticalsyslog-ng / logrotate / statsAssigned
Task Description

Syslog-ng is annoying, each update means to tune the configuration, all server apps must also be tuned to use it properly and then logrotate.

Awstats need to be reconfigured, test multiple hosted sub-domains, geo location is working for cities but countries are failing.

2hostBug ReportMediumHighupdate vm imagesRequires testing
Task Description

update vm images with version 0.1.0 of server and ports.

* Already updated, new updated developed branch built on xborg.
* Server image depends on other tasks.
* Urgent backup needed.

3utilityBug ReportMediumMediumapparmor profiesAssigned
Task Description

Update apparmor profiles to work with server and desktop setup.

Research a way to test the profiles, example on firefox one can test by trying to open files on root or etc folder, same must be done for php, nginx etc.

When using lxc each container must have one app but many profiles are shared, so it will be required to updated them on ports so is replicated on alle.

5optBug ReportMediumLowmariadb default install pathAssigned
Task Description

make mariadb pre-install script install database into /srv/mariadb

6gitBug ReportMediumLowrepository resetNew
Task Description

when deleting a remote repository and recreating with same name with deploy hook enable it’s necessary to check /srv/gitolite/deploy/hook_dir and remove the repository folder.

10documentationBug ReportMediumLowfix linux-gnu post-installNew
Task Description

fails when distfile is not present, download before trying to extract.

fails to configure grub when /boot/grub

7tasksBug ReportLowMediumupdate flysprayAssigned
Task Description

Update flyspray from rc7 to rc9.

9wikiBug ReportLowLowfix quick setup on wiki install page Assigned
Task Description

Create a link to a page on how to install for a server, so meta-core don’t install unnecessary packages.

Missing steps before running pkg-get on quick setup;

setup network, example

update ports
ports -u

after pkg-get sync run;

pkg-get sysup

remove instructions to move ports drivers since last step update them.

after installation of meta-core

remove warning “Make sure meta-core and linux-gnu-4.19 post-install script auto-run. If not run them manually. "
remove the instruction to update ports package (# pkg-get update ports)

when removing ports contrib is not installed at this point and can be removed from documentation.

after # ports -u

remove all following instructions and add following;

add collection ports and contrib to /etc/prt-get.conf

run post-install of meta-core
run post-install of linux-gnu


8utilityBug ReportLowVery LowFix meta-core build dependeciesAssigned
Task Description

Fix build dependencies by making meta-core dependent on them.

List of dependencies so far;

  • libidn2
  • libcanberra
  • tdb
  • libpcre2
  • libnghttp2
  • rtmpdump
  • libpsl
  • openldap
  • brotli
  • krb5
  • libmnl
  • audit
  • libsecret
  • libnl
  • cups
  • libwebp
  • zstd
  • giflib
  • gstreamer
  • icu
  • lm_sensors
  • gcr
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